2008 Last update: March 29, 2008

 New website under construction 
This website is now under construction and will be improved during the next few months. Feel free to visit the website every now and then, and check for updates. While the website is under construction, you can address the contacts below for furhter information on this organisation. Thanks.

Cosmas Akpablah: 40326792
Lartey Lawson:


Jessica Akpablah.



  • A = the 'a' in father
  • E = the 'e' in wet
  • I = pronounced like the 'ee' in free
  • O = the 'o' in no
  • U = pronounced like the 'oo' in food

Welcome Woezor
(Response) Yooo...
How are you? Efoa?
(Response) Yes, I am fine E, me efoa
(Response) ...And how are you? Wo ha efoa
Good Morning Ndi
(Response) Good Morning and how is your family? Ndi Apemetowo
(Response) Fine Wodo
Good Evening Fien


Yes E
No Ao
Thank you Akpe
Thank you very much Akpe kkkkk...
You're Welcome Akpe Melio
Please Medekuku
I'm sorry Baba
I'm very sorry Babanawo

Goodbye Hedenyuie
We shall meet again Miadogo

**Knock Knock** May I come in? Agoo
(Response) Come in Amee
Did you sleep well? Edo alo nyua
Wow! Oui!
I love you Me wo lo
I'll beat you! Mo fo wo lo